An Essential List of Tips for Managing Your Club or Org Virtually

  • Club/Org Meetings

    • We have been advised to encourage all our clubs and organizations to continue to hold all your club meetings virtually using Zoom, Google Meet, or some other form of video conferencing software. If you need assistance with how to set-up an online/virtual meeting please let us know, we are happy to help anyone who needs further assistance. 

  • In-Person Events on Campus

    • We have also been advised to discourage as many in-person gatherings/events as possible. Special approval will need to be given by the Shepherd Union's Scheduling, Events, and Conferences (SEC) staff before an in-person event can be hosted in the Union. Additionally, any on-campus event will need to ensure the event host(s) have met all the guidelines outlined on the .

  • WSUSA C&O Team Hosted Events

    • For the foreseeable future, the C&O Team will also be following the guidance from the university and will be moving all their meetings and events online/virtually as well. This includes events like Presidents' Training (see below), tabling outreach, Officer Meetings, Casino Night, and other notable events typically hosted in the fall by the C&O Team. As the dates get closer to these events emails and announcements will be made with further details. However, you can always check-out the C&O page to stay up-to-date as well.

  • Presidents' Training

    • Will be hosted ONLINE/VIRTUALLY through Zoom. You can find out the date options for attending Presidents' Training, the link to RSVP, and access the Zoom link from the page. Remember, it is required that all clubs and organizations have at least one representative attend one of the two options for Presidents' Training. BONUS CLUB FUNDING: As a special incentive, we will be giving $50 to every club/org that has at least one representative attend Presidents' Trainings (in full, the rep cannot leave the training early). 

  • Club Registration

    • If you have not yet for the upcoming year please do so.


Need assistance? Email C&O VP, Whitney Olson, or the C&O Coordinator, Heather Cimino 


Club Highlight

  • American Indian Council (AIC)

    The purpose of the American Indian Council is to provide a cultural resource regarding American Indians for the University and the community. Provide a mechanism to facilitate solutions to American Indian student issues and challenges and to be open to ideas and suggestions.

    For more information, contact Tashina Barber at